The farm: the beating heart

The water of the Lake that surrounds us, and its unique climate, just like all the other things that have in them the true essence of Valtènesi…all of these things are inside the Borghese Cavazza farm, a beating heart for the enhancement of the territory, made of people and emotions.

Fragrance and taste of the tradition and the land to be savoured and, why not, to be then brought home with you.

Our desire is a return to the authentic agriculture: organic, sustainable, high-quality.

Fresh produce and ingredients that create excellent products:

  • Extra virgin DOP olive oil, obtained by a process of cold pressing, with the olives harvested directly from our olive trees on the Valtènesi coast
  • Lemons from Isola del Garda which give life to a fragrant Limoncello liqueur
  • Malt barley, from which two local beers from the Birrificio Felice brewery in San Felice del Benaco were born: Charlotte, a pale lager, and Seven Suns, a Weiss with the aroma of the lemons from the island
  • Vegetables coming directly from the vegetable patch, cultivated by following and respecting the standards of organic agriculture, avoiding the use of chemicals and artificial fertilizers – in order to get products that are always in season, and fresh and healthy at the same time!


High quality, simplicity and traditional flavours are the fundamental requirements for this line of products, products that give a second life to an ancient taste, using valuable and excellent produce.