Our philosophy A farmhouse with its roots in the ground


We love our land.

And we love the harmony that emanates from every corner of our farmhouse: trees, bees, the aroma of the vegetable patch…and so much more. We plant and harvest fresh produce, natural and raw material and ingredient.

A travelling experience to be savoured.


La Breda farmhouse is in a loving relationship with the surrounding environment.

  • Great care was taken in the recovery and reuse of wastewater, that once it has been sanitized and purified will then be used for the irrigation of lawns, gardens and vegetable patches through a phyto–purifying system. Plants play a fundamental role here, because it is in their roots that the microorganisms which are necessary for the phyto-purifying system can develop. By absorbing the oxygen produced by the plants, they trigger the chemical process that is necessary in order to purify the water. 
  • Your pets are welcome too! If you are coming with them, let us know when you book your stay.

The flowers of our garden